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Stop Window Reflection from Causing Damage

Add an extra level of defense that makes your windows and doors less reflective, protecting grass, shrubs, flowers, turf, vinyl siding, vehicle trim, outdoor furniture, pool equipment, and more. 

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Damage caused by the sun reflecting off a nearby window is more common problem than homeowners realize

Exterior Window Film to Reduce Reflection

Effective & Reliable Protection

Reduce the reflection from your windows & glass doors while remaining virtually clear so that you won’t even know it’s there.

Non-Destructive & Safe To Use

Reduce the reflection from your windows and glass doors without nails, screws, bolts or brackets that will permanently damage your property.

Protection & Peace of Mind

Year round protection from window reflection killing your lawn, warping vinyl siding, melting artificial grass, damaging outdoor furniture and poor equipment etc.

Designed to provide protection by dispersing the reflection

Anti Reflective Window Film works dispersing the light that hits your window so the reflection is not concentrated enough to cause damage to whatever it reflects on such as grass, shrubs, flowers, turf, vinyl siding, vehicle trim, outdoor furniture, pool equipment, and more.

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Safe for all types of glass windows , doors, and skylights.

Anti Reflective Window Film is applied to the outside of the window and does not add any solar absorption so it is safe for all window and glass types.

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Stop Turf Melting from Windows

Sunshine reflecting off windows can cause nearby artificial turf grass to melt, permanently ruining the ground cover solution. Anti-reflective window film can stop sun glare from melting turf grass without changing the function or appearance of your home’s windows.


Stop Vinyl Siding from Melting from Windows

Sunshine reflecting off windows can cause nearby vinyl siding to melt and buckle, ruining the looks of a home and compromising its ability to resist the elements. Blocking window glare with anti reflective window film can stop sun glare melting vinyl siding.


Stop Windows Melting Cars

Window reflections can cause serious damage to nearby cars, melting tires, scorching soft tops, and ruining paint jobs when concentrated beams of hot sunlight are focused on the parked vehicle. Anti Reflective Window Film can protect cars from damage caused by sun reflections.


Stop Windows Melting Lawn Furniture

Window glare created by energy efficient windows can get so hot it melts the plastic and vinyl furniture you enjoy on your patio and lawn. Quickly stop sun reflections melting outdoor furniture with Anti Reflective Exterior Window Film.


Glare from a Window Burning Grass

If you have seen patches of grass in your yard that are oddly dried out or even browned and burned while the rest of the yard seems healthy, the cause may be window reflections burning the grass. Stop window glare burning grass with anti reflective window film.


Stop Window Reflection Burning Plants

Sun reflections off windows burn plants and grass when the glare becomes concentrated by the highly reflective surface of energy efficient windows. To stop window glare burning plants you can apply anti reflective window film to the glass and stop the dangerous reflections immediately.