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Glare from a Window Burning Grass

If you have seen patches of grass in your yard that are oddly dried out or even browned and burned while the rest of the yard seems healthy, the cause may be window reflections burning the grass. Stop window glare burning grass with anti reflective window film.

For many homeowners, a healthy, lush lawn is a major point of pride. And for commercial properties, a thriving lawn surrounding the business can make the location feel more welcoming for potential clientele. But even the best kept lawn can be severely damaged by a factor many people never expect to deal with: grass burning caused by window glare.

When properly watered, fed, and aerated, grass is pretty tough stuff. Healthy lawns can usually resist even the hottest, sunniest days of summer without becoming brown and burned, so how can sunlight reflecting off windows kill grass? It happens when that sun glare is caused by energy efficient windows. Also called low-e windows, these are specially designed windows (or glass doors) that have highly reflective exteriors. Those reflective exteriors are great for deflecting solar energy (also known as heat) away from the interior of the home or business, thereby costing the property owners less in cooling costs, but that surplus of reflected energy has to go somewhere, and when it falls onto nearby grass, it often results in dead, scorched swaths of the lawn.

Because window glare created by energy efficient windows tends to linger on patches of grass during long, sunny days, window reflections can burn grass even when the day itself is not all that hot. And as the sun’s position relative to your property shifts slightly each day, there’s a good chance that the patch of burned grass is only going to slowly and steadily grow bigger until you rectify the problem.

The best way to stop window glare burning grass is to identify the potential problem before it even starts and coat the energy efficient windows facing your lawn with Anti Reflective Exterior Window Film. This film is designed with thousands of little holes punched into the material per square foot, and these holes create a texture that disperses reflected light in numerous directions instead of letting it focus on one patch of grass. This anti glare window film will also protect myriad other surfaces and materials that might otherwise be damaged by hot sun reflections off windows, such as vinyl siding on nearby walls, plastic patio or lawn furniture, lawn playsets, car paint jobs, tires, and soft tops, and more. And of course beyond grass, Anti Reflective Exterior Window Film can protect flowers, vegetable gardens, hedges, and other living plants, not to mention it can prevent sun glare melting artificial turf, an all too common issue for people who have both artificial turf grass and energy efficient windows.

Anti glare window film is easy to install as the perforations prevent air bubbles from forming during application. And it won’t reduce the clarity of the view out through the window any more than would a standard insect screen.