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Stop Turf Melting from Windows

Sunshine reflecting off windows can cause nearby artificial turf grass to melt, permanently ruining the ground cover solution. Anti-reflective window film can stop sun glare from melting turf grass without changing the function or appearance of your home’s windows.

If you have ever noticed patches of artificial turf grass that look shriveled, wilted, or burned, you may wonder what could cause fake grass to melt? After all, thus rugged, durable ground cover is rated to last for well over 20 years in most standard residential and light commercial applications, how could it become so irrevocably damaged in such an unsightly manner? 

The answer is usually window glare. When sunlight bounces off of highly reflective energy efficient windows, the beams of light can become so concentrated that they heat up hot enough to melt nearby turf grass. The effect is much like when you let sunlight pass through a magnifying glass to burn a hole in piece of paper or a leaf, but here the beams of light are much larger and more potent and the damage that can be caused can ruin the looks of your yard and cost thousands of dollars in repair, removal, and replacement expenses. 

The best way to protect your artificial grass against melting caused by window glare is to stop window reflections from ever becoming concentrated and hot in the first place. For that, you can use Anti Reflective Exterior Window Film, a window film product that can quickly and easily be applied to the outside of windows of various size and shape. This specialty anti-glare film features thousands of minute holes that create a surface that looks smooth and even to the human eye but that to light is varied and textured and scatters beams in all directions instead of letting it focus as glass alone can.

Those perforations in the film make Anti Reflective Exterior Window Film easy to apply without air pockets forming under the material, so installation is easy to get right without compromising the appearance or function of the window. The film is no more visible than a standard insect screen, so you will still be able to see through the window from inside and it will still let light into the home.

Once you have Anti Reflective Exterior Window Film installed on your windows, you can rest assured that any artificial turf grass nearby is now safe against melting caused by sun glare off windows. And of course the same is true for any other nearby surfaces also at risk for damage caused by the heat generated by energy efficient window reflections, such as vinyl siding, which can melt in window reflections, plastic patio furniture or play structures, pool or grill covers, as well as living grass and plants which can be scorched or even killed by window reflections created by highly reflective exterior window surfaces.

Getting Anti Reflective Exterior Window Film now is a cost-effective way to prevent the need for potentially costly repairs later.