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Stop Vinyl Siding from Melting from Windows

Sunshine reflecting off windows can cause nearby vinyl siding to melt and buckle, ruining the looks of a home and compromising its ability to resist the elements. Blocking window glare with anti reflective window film can stop sun glare melting vinyl siding.

Vinyl siding is a versatile and durable construction material used on the exterior of homes and businesses all across America and around the world. It is relatively affordable, it comes in all sorts of colors and textures, and when in good condition, vinyl siding does a reliable job of keeping moisture, ice, dirt, insects, and other factors out of a property. However, as durable as vinyl siding is, it can be severely damaged by window glare caused by sunlight reflecting off of energy efficient windows.

Energy efficient windows, which grow more popular each and every year, have highly reflective exteriors designed to reject maximum solar energy away from a property, thereby keeping the interior cooler and more cost effective. However, all that rejected light has to go somewhere, and when it falls on strips of vinyl siding, it can cause the material to buckle and warp so badly that it ruins the looks of the structure and also fails to protect against the elements.

Most vinyl siding has a melting point above 165º degrees Fahrenheit, which is of course hotter than any ambient temperature can be, but when sun beams bounce off of highly reflective windows, they can create focused energy that gets much warmer than that. Those focused rays of light can ruin a patch of vinyl siding quickly, and when the problem is not noticed for a number of days, the swath of damage only gets larger and worse as the sun slightly shifts its position in the sky each day, directing the reflected light on new areas of the siding.

Because energy efficient windows are a great way to keep a home or business cooler and more cost effective by reducing the amount of solar energy that gets inside, they are still a good investment and upgrade, but when vinyl siding is nearby, you need to takes steps to protect those exterior walls. The best way to prevent vinyl siding being melted by window glare is to apply Anti Reflective Window Film to the exterior of the glass. Anti Reflective Window Film stops window glare melting vinyl siding by scattering the light that hits the treated windows in countless directions instead of letting it concentrate into a focused beam of extra heated light.

Anti glare window film achieves its effects thanks to thousands of small perforations punched into the film that makes its surface textured enough to scatter light. Those same holes mean no air pockets get trapped during application, so installing the window film is very easy. And while it will prevent window reflections from damaging vinyl walls, this anti glare tint will not block the view through the windows and it will still allow in plenty of natural visible light.