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Stop Windows Melting Lawn Furniture

Window glare created by energy efficient windows can get so hot it melts the plastic and vinyl furniture you enjoy on your patio and lawn. Quickly stop sun reflections melting outdoor furniture with Anti Reflective Exterior Window Film.

If you have set your yard or patio with furniture made out plastic or vinyl material, it may be just a matter of time before you start seeing at first inexplicable melting damage occurring on those chairs, outdoor couches, tables, or loungers. Ambient temperatures and even hours of direct sunlight falling on a piece of outdoor furniture can’t create temperatures hot enough to melt or warp vinyl or plastic, so what causes lawn and patio furniture to melt? If you can remove issues such as a nearby grill or firepit from contention, then the answer is almost surely nearby energy efficient windows.

Energy efficient windows, often called low-e or low emissivity windows, can create highly concentrated patches of reflected light that get hot enough to melt nearby vinyl or plastic outdoor furniture when the focused beams of light pass over the materials. Even though the melting point of many such plastics and vinyl as you find used to make outdoor furniture and outdoor tablecloths and other décor items can be near or above 200 degrees Fahrenheit, concentrated window glare can and does get that hot.

Energy efficient windows are designed to have highly reflective exteriors so they reject maximum solar energy, keeping the interior of a home or business cooler and less expensive to maintain in terms of climate control. They also feature a double paned glass design that creates an excellent layer of insulation. But these two features of low-e windows that create ideal cool conditions inside can work in concert to create the worst conditions for plastic or vinyl furniture outside. The vacuum sealed double paned glass can create a concave shape to the glass that focuses reflected light like a lens, and because the glass is already quite reflective, the effects are multiplied. 

Once vinyl or plastic lawn furniture is melted by window reflections there is really no good way to repair it, you simply have to throw it away and replace it. A better move is to stop the damage before it occurs. When you apply Anti Reflective Exterior Window Film to your home’s windows, you can completely stop the damage caused by window glare melting outdoor furniture. This specialty film, which is easy to apply and can be put on all sorts of exterior windows and doors, including large plate glass surfaces and sky lights, is perforated by thousands of small holes that are not readily visible to the human eye but that make the surface heavily textured on a microscopic level, such that when sunlight hits a window coated in Anti Reflective Exterior Window Film, it scatters away in all directions rather than forming a hot beam that can melt patio furniture.

This anti reflective window film can also protect against window glare melting vinyl siding, damaging artificial turf grass, and scorching living grass and other plants alike.