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Stop Windows Melting Cars

Window reflections can cause serious damage to nearby cars, melting tires, scorching soft tops, and ruining paint jobs when concentrated beams of hot sunlight are focused on the parked vehicle. Anti Reflective Window Film can protect cars from damage caused by sun reflections.

Your car, truck, or SUV is one of the most valuable and surely one of the most prized possessions you own, but it may well be damaged by another of your possessions, one of even greater value: your home. When sunlight bounces off of highly reflective energy efficient windows, it can be concentrated into a beam of solar energy so intense the heated light can cause severe damage to myriad objects nearby, including that parked car in the driveway or on the street.

Concentrated sun glare can damage the paint job or vinyl wrap on the exterior of your car, it can cause bubbling and even failure of the tires, and it can singe and discolor the fabric of a soft top convertible. And when hot beams of reflected sunlight are focused inside the car through the windows, they can ruin the interior by damaging upholstery or dash surfaces, not to mention sending interior temperatures surging sky high, which can damage components of the vehicle and can also make the car unbearably hot when it’s time to drive.

The best way to stop sun glare damaging cars near your property is to coat your energy efficient windows with Anti Reflective Exterior Window Film, a complete solution to damaging sun reflections created by energy efficient windows. The surface of energy efficient windows is treated to make them highly reflective, while the double paned glass creates an excellent insulation layer between the hot outside air and the cooler air inside a home. But this reflective surface can act like a lens that concentrates the light, an effect often magnified by a concavity in the exterior panes caused by slight bowing inward due to a vacuum effect the double paned glass creates.

By coating highly reflective windows with anti glare window film, you can rest assured that sunlight hitting the glass will be spread out in all directions as it bounces away instead of in a single, focused beam. That means that even on hot, sunny days, a car parked near an energy efficient window is not at risk of a paint job, softy top, or tires ruined by hot sun glare damage. 

Anti Reflective Exterior Window Film does not block the view out of a window – it has the same visual clarity as a standard insect screen, still affording you a good view out through your windows. Likewise, it will still allow plenty of the visible light you welcome inside your home without curtailing an energy efficient window’s ability to reject plenty of damaging UV light and warming IR light.


Anti glare tint that stops window reflections melting car tires or ruining paint jobs is a cost effective way to protect one of your costliest assets against damage.