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Stop Window Reflection Burning Plants

Sun reflections off windows burn plants and grass when the glare becomes concentrated by the highly reflective surface of energy efficient windows. To stop window glare burning plants you can apply anti reflective window film to the glass and stop the dangerous reflections immediately.

Living plants are the defining feature of most properties. From hedges that help frame, contrast, and define a home to decorative trees that add depth to the yard to flowers and bushes that add color to vegetable gardens that offer welcome fresh food, plants are as important outside and around a home as furniture is to the interior. 

Unfortunately, the very boundary between the interior and exterior of the home that allows you to look out at your plants and landscaping can be the worst enemy of those living plants: the windows. If you have interior heat reducing energy efficient windows, it may be just a matter of time before you see the plants around the property becoming browned, withered, scorched, and even killed off, with the cause being window glare bouncing off the windows and burning the plants.

How can window reflections burn plants? It happens when the highly reflective surface of energy efficient windows causes sun reflections to be concentrated into beams of hot light rather than bouncing off without concentration as happens with older style glass windows. This focused solar energy can quickly reach temperatures hot enough to burn a plant, especially more fragile plants like flowers or vegetables.

The problem of sun reflections burning plants can be especially pronounced when it comes to hedges, shrubs, raised flower beds, and other taller groupings of plants that are often set close to windows and that are upright and angled such that reflected glare hits the plants directly. In these cases, it’s a direct hit, so to speak, of sun reflections off energy efficient windows browning and burning and, in many cases, killing off the plants that you love as part of your landscaping.

So what’s to be done? Replace the energy efficient windows and settle for a warmer home or a much larger electric bill due to higher cooling costs? Give up on the landscaping you have installed and cared for because the windows are burning the plants? Of course not – you can quickly and completely stop window reflections burning plants by applying Anti Reflective Exterior Window Film over the exterior panes of glass of your energy efficient windows.

Anti Reflective Exterior Window Film works because the surface of the film is perforated with thousands of minute holes that create a textured surface light reacts to by bouncing away in countless directions rather than by most light particles being reflected back in the same direction, thus forming a hot beam of energy. To the human eye, the window will look normal from the exterior and from inside the view is as clear as through a window with a standard insect screen in place. Anti glare window film does not reduce energy efficiency, it merely prevents exterior damage to plants, not to mention stopping window glare burning vinyl walls, turf grass, living lawns, or outdoor furniture.